Free Agent Signing Penalties?

If as we have been recently told, the Tigers dip their toe into signing free agents this off season, do they risk losing a draft pick? I don't know if there is any more up to date information, but I found this article about the matter from 2019:

It seems that the relative position of a club's revenue participation and existing salary levels are factored into how much of a penalty is assessed for signing free agents. I think I'm interpreting the article to mean that it is also affected by the level of a player that rejects a qualified offer that is a peak salary level. Perhaps that last aspect is the most important. Signing a player that isn't offered a qualified offer, or that is a lesser paid player totally determines if a draft pick penalty is assessed.

It is very interesting to read that since June 14th, of this year, the Tigers have been the 3rd winningest team in the AL. Only Houston and Seattle have done better. That's about 3 months of winning baseball! That should demonstrate that the team is ripe to begin competing on a full season basis next year, and insure that a bit by adding additional talent.

There's some interesting information shared at as to who might be the best additions to the team, or at least, players that would seem of the most interest. Mentioned are shortstops Carlos Correa and Marcus Semien; starting pitchers Marcus Strohman and Justin Verlander; and relief pitchers Brad Hand and Raisel Iglesias. There are other good options shortstops Cory Seager, Trevor Story, and Javier Baez. If you were looking for another former Tigers' pitcher, Max Scherzer will be a free agent this off season too.

There seems to be real concern that Matt Boyd and Spencer Turnbull won't be the best options for the Tigers to fill out their rotation next season. Boyd has had some inconsistency the past two seasons, while Turnbull may not be available next year following Tommy John surgery. Mize, Skubal, and Manning provide a nice trio, and perhaps Joey Wentz might be ready to step up to the big leagues too, but it would seem that at least one, if not two free agent signings to immediately help the rotation might be needed. Marcus Strohman does seem like an interesting option, and of course Justin Verlander has appeal as well, if his recovery seems assured.

Building the bullpen also seems like a vitally important ingredient of their success. Although they have several key players in this position today, adding at least one if not two, also seems like a very good idea. I can't argue with the two suggestions as very good options.

If there is not a penalty, or if the penalty does not translate into losing a top first or second round pick, I would be very excited about adding this veteran talent. Does anyone else have additional information about the penalty that differs from what I've learned?

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