How are the Seawolves Doing?

I had to take a peek at the stats of the Tigers' AA affiliate to see how the their prospects are faring, and so I thought some of you might like to know too.

Here are the past 15 day stats. The year-to-date stats always seem incomplete or harder to interpret because it's what are they doing most recently that really seems to matter. On the year you hope to see progress or some consistency, but when you check in periodically you want to know if they are getting better - pure and simple.

Here's my commentary. You can skip it if you like, but maybe you'll find it at least a little bit interesting - so I hope.

Policelli is a catcher, infielder and outfielder - they're trying to groom him to be a solid utility player. His bat is perking up a lot this last couple of weeks. There's power (4 HRs, 3 2Bs) to match a .351 BA and .429 OBP.

Kriedler has to be getting noticed as an everyday shortstop option for the Tigers. He had a great past couple of weeks and has been consistent throughout the year at the AA level. He's only in his 2nd year of minor league ball. He was the Tiger's 4th round pick in the 2019 draft. He's a big guy 6-4 208 lbs and 23 years old. He had played at UCLA before the Tigers acquired him. Look at those stats, he matched Torkelson for the past couple of weeks!

Torkelson continues to grind. Wish he'd have more of a spike, but hey not really complaining.

Greene didn't slug it much the past couple of weeks, but continues to get on base well.

Lester is getting long in the tooth to be a prospect. He was demoted from AAA where he last played in 2019. A good player, but probably not a future Tiger.

Carpenter wasn't that strong the past two weeks, but still a prospect on the radar.

Dingler has been struggling at the plate a bit. Maybe the heat is wearing him down from working behind the plate.

Lipcius is on the Tigers' radar, but it wasn't the best two weeks for him either.

Pitching stats just are posted that well from what I see, so I can't really give much of an update on that part of the team.

There is a lot of talent on the Erie team. It keeps me interested in keeping an eye on it. Got my fingers crossed too that there may be more on the way up there, and maybe some moving up to Toledo later this year.

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