Any Rumors on who Avila tried to trade for?

I know the players all are a bit nervous about hearing their names mentioned during trade deadline time, but I'm still wondering what if any trade rumors might have surfaced and if Al Avila was trying for anything in particular.

There's some argument to be made that he might have been willing to deal some prospects. I don't want to be in the camp just yet that believes we have enough or too much young talent in the pipeline, but it's possible that there are a few players that he would have been hoping to deal from Toledo.

JaCoby Jones, Christin Stewart, and perhaps others could have been offered if he is of the mind that the Erie team has some players ready or soon to be ready for promotions. Renato Nunez, Anderlin Rodriguez, Kody Clemens, and perhaps some pitchers might have been dangled as trade bait too.

In my opinion trading a quantity of good players for one or two very good players might have been an optimal exchange. The starting pitching seems like it could still use a boost down the stretch, and the Tigers do not have much they can move up. Drew Hutchinson, a 30 year old at Toledo, might be the only one quite ready for a promotion to help, but he's not what I think is likely to be a long term prospect for the Tigers.

This off-season may be the start of a lot of wheeling and dealing. I wonder if sign and trade might pick up a bit in baseball. Players that have one year left but that aren't maybe in the big leagues at the moment might be inclined to sign a hybrid contract to move to an organization that offers more opportunity to advance. Or, perhaps a soon to be free agent might sign and be traded by a team to recoup some asset value in advance of waiting to shuffle the deck at mid-year.

Here are the to be 2021-2 off season free agents that the Tigers might have an interest in:

I know for sentimental fans, the possibility of bringing Justin Verlander back has appeal. Those prime year shortstops also have to be of some interest to the Tigers too, of course how much they'll be willing to spend remains to be seen. Carlos Correa will be 27 and AJ Hinch might make a pitch to bring him to Detroit, but how big will his contract be?

Andrew Miller, Brad Hand, and Raisel Iglesias would be appealing to add to the bullpen, but perhaps the Tigers have their own developing into similarly strong stars.

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