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FanPost Friday: Your best Little League memories

The triumph of victory, the disaster of forgetting to wear proper shoes.

MLB: JUN 30 Tigers at Blue Jays Photo by Jeff Chevrier/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

I feel like it’s safe to say many of us experienced some formative life lessons on the hallowed fields of Little League games. Whether or not you were a part of a more serious club, or something run through a small, local community center where the team didn’t have a name and you and your pint-sized teammates came up with your own (shout out to my fellow Grant Park Harrow Hurricanes), almost every baseball fan has had a little play time of their own.

Between skinned knees and sunburns, there were also moments of genuine joy and triumph. For me, personally, I was a terrible player and they stashed me deep in left field, but at almost 38 years old now, I can still recount the exact moment I successfully stole home in a game.

With the annual Little League Classic slated for this Sunday, we thought it might be a perfect time to drudge up some memories (good, bad, hilarious) of your experience in Little League.

Head over to the FanPost section, select “New FanPost” on the left, and share your best (or worst) Little League memories with us. Parents, if you’re so inclined, you can share stories of your kids if those are funnier.