Marcus Semien Knoblauched The Victory Right Over To Our Tigers On Sunday.

Two outs in the bottom of the ninth, Tigers down by a run with a guy on 2nd. Toronto's pitcher Saucedo gets a hard ground ball from one of the Castros right to 2nd Baseman (and prospective free agent) Marcus Semien who realizes he has all the time in the world to get the ball over to first base and record the final out and a victory for the Toronto Blue Jays. After waiting an appropriate amount of time, Semien hurls the ball right at the feet of the first baseman, Vlad Guerrero Jr. The other Tiger Castro scores and we have a new ball game, which the Tigers eventually win in extra innings.

Yip, Yip, Yippee!

It's always nice to get a victory handed to the Tigers on a day when the offense is stagnant. It takes the sting out of the 9-2 lead that we turned into a loss just a few days ago.

And it made Miggy's 500th home run actually mean something in the baseball game.

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