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Celebrate Miguel Cabrera’s 500th homer with this shirt from BreakingT

You knew this one was coming.

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You know it’s not a big Tigers milestone if there’s not a BreakingT shirt to celebrate it, and we couldn’t resist sharing this one with you to commemorate Miguel Cabrera’s big home run.

What’s great about this design is that it represents so much of Cabrera’s whole career, not just his home runs, but his Triple Crown, and also the sense of fun that he brings to the game of baseball and to Tigers fans.

Cabrera is special, and the team at BreakingT put this design together to help Tigers fans remember all of the iconic moments that went into getting Cabrera to big home run number 500.

Check out the design below and then head over to BreakingT to grab one of these bad boys for yourself to show your love for Miggy next time you head to the ballpark.

Get your Miguel Cabrera shirt HERE.

And while we’re at it, let’s watch that home run just one more time.