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That incredible A.J. Hinch quote has been immortalized by BreakingT

The skipper truly said it best.

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We all know the iconic phrase “Detroit vs. Everybody,” but Detroit Tigers skipper A.J. Hinch really took that concept and ran with it during a recent presser. And when Hinch said, “If the Tigers’ organization does a good job, we’re going to re-establish ourselves as a winning franchise and develop a winning culture. If you want to be a part of it, then come. If you don’t, then we’ll beat you” everyone sat up and took notice.

The line, which present reporters said was delivered in as casual and off-the-cuff a manner as possible, immediately began to make the rounds on social media, and among Tigers players. It felt like a rallying cry, a real moment of hope and positivity for the future of the club.

So naturally, BreakingT had to make it into a shirt. Honestly, this one is just awesome, it’s a great reminder for this season and many to come, of the winning heart at the core of the clubhouse, and it feels like a touchstone for future seasons. Come win with us, or lose to us instead.

Courtesy of BreakingT

Get your A.J. Hunch “Then We’ll Beat You” shirt here!

And let’s all get ready to get hyped for the future.