Let's get Lou Whitaker into the Hall of Fame once and for all!

I am a long time Tigers fan, though I haven't been very active on the Bless You Boys site in the past. But I would like to become more active is hopes of helping generate more outrage at the omission of Lou Whitaker from the Hall of Fame. I was truly upset, like many others, that he was not elected along with Tram and Morris. I wrote to the so-called Hall of Fame committees responsible for his snubbing and never received a response. I have also noted the egregious behavior by the Tigers management itself with the many delays in retiring Lou's number until last year, though because of Covid it still hasn't even officially happened.

I think there should be a concerted effort by true Tiger fans to get Lou into the Hall. For one thing, as many of you may know, he is one of only two players with a lifetime WAR above 75 who is not in the Hall. This is now the supposed "gold standard" of player value, though obviously Lou's traditional stats are equally worthy. Others with far less qualifications are in the Hall. It is an injustice that must be corrected while Lou is still alive. We have to do this.

I realize many of you, including the Bless You Boys staff, are as infuriated about this as I am and I assume some of you have been working on it over the years. But I would be glad to help spearhead a new movement to get Lou Whitaker into the Hall of Fame. It may mean calling and writing and posting and emailing, etc., but I think we should all be willing to do this. I'm happy to do whatever I can. Please let me know what has been done and what you think may work.

I think that Lou's soft-spoken modesty has contributed to his snubbing. People may not think he really cares because he's not like some blowhards like Curt Schilling that go around yakking about how great they are. Lou is a gentleman. But I'm sure he feels very overlooked. Lou Whitaker is a true Hall of Famer and we need to do this for him.

I hope many of you will respond. Thanks!

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