Torkelson and Greene

I think both of these players are very good and will probably make significant contributions to the Tigers.

However, I believe that some people are over hyping them. I have Milb and have watched probably 50 Erie games so far.

I don't believe either has earned a promotion yet. The statistics foe this season cannot be compared to previous seasons for several reasons having to do with the new leagues and scheduling. Torekelson has not played enough games yet to be included in the leagues stats, but if he was included. he would be ranked 9th in OPS. Greene is ranked 18th. This is not all of AA but only the Northeast league.

Since they have played only a few teams and the 5-6 game home/away stands, it is really difficult to measure how they stack up. But neither player would appear to be among the top echelon of AA players. This is not of concern to me since they along with multiple other players were aggressively promoted. but it does make me believe that they need more time at AA this year and unless they really improve their rankings probably should begin next year at AA

The eye ball test tells me that while very good they still have areas that they need to work on before they are promoted.

The eye ball test is admittedly very subjective and other people might draw completely different conclusions.

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