Tigers 2021 Off-Season Could Put Them Over The Top!

Al Avila and Chris Illitch must finally have an off-season that will catapult the Tigers into contention. Yes. You heard me right. Take out the 9-24 start, the Tigers have been a team no one really wants to play. They are gritty, they are fast, they can pitch. I know everyone is screaming for Carlos Correa but I am more apt to take a flyer on Trevor Story or Javier Baez and give Kreidler a chance to play AAA the full year then to come up and contribute. It seems likely that Torkelson and Greene will come to Spring Training and make the team. I think they both should be given that shot without service time manipulation. If they make the team out of the spring, these Tigers could really start to put up some serious offensive numbers. Al Avila and AJ Hinch will actually have to make some tough decisions with the players at the margins because they will no longer be given the playing time. Guys like Goodrum, Short, W Castro, Reyes, Jimenez, Boyd, are likely to be replaced on the roster with guys like Torkelson, Greene, Kreidler, Faedo, Wentz at some point and whomever they pick up via free agency will probably be a starter.

Free Agents:

The Tigers definitely need to add pieces to make them a competitive to win the division but that doesn’t mean they need to add Carlos Correa and his 10 year 250 million to 350 million potential contract. A guy like Trevor Story or Javier Baez could be a great fit at SS. Tigers need to add a pitcher or two so guys like Justin Verlander and Marcus Stoman would both be nice additions. Can you imagine a SP line up of Verlander, Strohman, Mize, Skubal, Manning, I like the idea of bringing back Peralta for depth because Manning might not be ready. Fulmer, Funkhouser, Soto are great out of the pen but they need to add more arms and better arms. Foley ,B Garcia, Lange definitely are in consideration for 2022 BP spots.

Potential Starting Lineup/Depth for 2020

C-Haase, Garneau, Greiner

1b- Torkelson, Schoop, Candelario

2b-Schoop,Paredes, H Castro

SS-Trevor Story or Javier Baez, Paredes, Kreidler

3b- Candelario, H Castro, Torkelson

LF-Baddoo, Hill, Grossman, Reyes

CF-Greene, Hill, Baddoo

RF-Grossman, Greene, Reyes


SP-Verlander, Strohman, Mize, Skubal, Peralta, Manning

RP-Fulmer, Funkhouser, Soto, Alexander, Foley, Garcia, Lange, Faedo, Wentz. (Others TBD)

If the Tigers add the two starting pitchers and a SS, then allow Torkelson and Greene to start on the team right out of the gate, 2022 will be very exciting and potentially shocking to the baseball world. This is all predicated that they do not go on strike or a lockout.

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