That's the age MLB proposed to the players union as the age players can elect free agency (FA). Obviously, there are a lot of unknowns. Like, if a player started when they were 20... are they trapped until 29.5? Or would there have to be a clause of still service time grants FA? I would suspect there would have to be some form of clause in there the players union and agents would want.

This could be a good boom for late bloomers though. Since the majority don't make it to the majors until they are more like 25/26 range, that would mean these players would be controlled at the MLB level for just 3-5 years. Talk about getting a bigger pay check earlier! The other side of this though, is these players might also just end up having a shorter career. Are MLB executives going to want to pay a replacement player past this age when they can bring up their superstars sooner and possibly keep them longer?

All of these thoughts are things to consider with this offer to the players union. However, for the remainder of this article I wanted to consider how something like this would affect the Tiger's 40-man roster moving forward. Let's say this does happen with the next CBA and let's say the effects are immediate. Who would be a FA with the Tigers that currently would not be a FA? Well those players include Matthew Boyd, Jose Cisnero, and Niko Goodrum. Now we would all ask if this would wait to go into affect for one extra season to let teams plan. Chances are that would happen. So who would Tiger's lose the following season in addition to these players? That would include Tiger's newly developed backstop with power, Eric Haase and the guy who threw a no hitter this year, Spencer Turnbull. We would also see less control for other guys like Jake Rogers, Derek Hill, Kyle Funkhouser, and Gregory Soto. Of course, that is not to say these guys would not stick around, its just they would get paid much sooner than before.

This change would definitely change how players get to the MLB and we could see the best of the best rise much faster depending on the other rules in place. It could also have several others players that might stick around in the game have a much shorter career too. Will be interesting to see what this next CBA brings. Here is hoping regardless of what they decide, they keep playing ball!

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