2021-22 40 Man Roster

Had to consider what the roster will be. So here goes.

(9) SP Mize, Skubal, Manning, Peralta, Boyd, Alexander, Wentz, Faedo, R Garcia

(14) RP Fulmer, Funkhouser, Soto, Cisnero, Lange, B Garcia, Jimenez, Foley, Del Pozo, Krol, Carlton, Hutchison, Urena, Holland

(3) C Haase, Garneau, Greiner

(8) INF Cabrera, Schoop, H Castro, W Castro, Paredes, Candelario, Torkelson, Clemens

(6) OF Grossman, Baddoo, Hill, Reyes, Cameron, Greene

(3) DL SP Turnbull, SP Teheran, C Rogers

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