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Bless You Boys Podcast 103: Stretch Drive Q&A

Time to start prepping for the offseason with four key questions at hand.

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Tampa Bay Rays Mike Watters-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome back folks. We’re firing up the pod again as the season winds down in preparation for a busy offseason, and we’ve got some big questions to answer. We got a lot of responses to our call for questions, but four main themes emerged. So rather than going question by question, we’re just grouping it all under four main questions, and host Brandon Day will take them all on in turn.

  1. Who is Ryan Garko, the Tigers new VP of Player Development, and does this feel like a good hire?
  2. Who are the Tigers likely to send to the Arizona Fall League in October?
  3. Were the Tigers lucky this year, or just pretty good? Are there players who seem ripe for regression? In short, how stable is this 2021 foundation to build on?
  4. What should the Tigers attitude be toward free agency this offseason, and how would you go about ranking positions of need and then filling them?

Intro: “Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House” - Yo La Tengo