Juan Soto

I wonder if there's a chance to pry loose Juan Soto in a Miggy type trade? Nats are going to be bad for several years, they've got a lot of dead money on the payroll, and keeping Soto is going to be expensive proposition in a couple of years. Why wouldn't they trade him now for a prospect haul rather than one compensation pick in three years? For the Miggy trade, it took the Tigers best position prospect and best pitcher prospect (at the time) and some other lower level prospects. I think the Tigers prospects are much better today though. So I am not suggesting that Tigers trade Greene or Torkelson. But a package of Kreidler, Jobe or Madden, and two or three other lower tier prospects or major league replacement level players with lots of service time (like maybe Cameron and/or Hill) would be very intriguing. What do y'all think?

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