I think I'm losing my mind

Actually, I'm OK, maybe. But it's at this time of year when wind chill levels are below zero, and I usually take great comfort in the hot stove conversations. Well, we've got a pandemic going on (thanks Omicron!), the lockout (thanks Uber Rich Owners) and I can't go to bars and talk sports with anyone.

Besides, I live in New York, so they're all talking about how Jorge Posada is the greatest catcher of all time, except maybe Thurman Munson and Yogi Berra. And Don Mattingly and Willie Randolph should be in the Hall. There's nothing like Yankee homerism. Mike Mussina should go in as a Yankee. Please make this stop!

So, as there's no hot stove activity can we talk about something like former Tigers that deserve to be in the Hall of Fame, like Bill Freehan, Lou Whitaker, or perhaps even Lance Parrish.

The isolation is bad enough, the lack of good baseball conversation when I'm not going out or active is making me insane. Now start some good threads!

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