outfield plan

I was musing in the dog days of lockout. What should the Tigers do with their 5 outfielders

My idea is to move Grossman to 1b.

This would free up Schoop to move to 2b.

Baddoo, Reyes, Hill and Cameron all need playing time this year. The age clock is running close for 3 of them. At least two of them will prove to be worthy of being a player worth keeping long term hopefully.

Best case is they all step up. This gives a great group of trade chips. It is an urgent need because of Riley Green knocking at the door.

I like all four of them. I have been a regular attendee in Lakeland since 2002. They have all shown the ability to be an above avg outfielder. Two of them have the chance to better than that. that is my impression for what it is worth.

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