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BYB Podcast 106: Tigers farm system discussion with Trevor Hooth

The BYB staff talks baseball from a Tigers’ perspective.

Detroit Tigers Summer Workouts Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images

It is time for a lengthy farm system chat as we wait for word of a new collective bargaining agreement to be reached. Trevor Hooth writes for Prospects Live, one of the best public scouting sites available, as well as for Bless You Boys. He returns to the podcast this week in the wake of the release of our new top 30 ranking of the Tigers’ farm system.

This is a fairly long one, as Trevor and I haven’t talked other than via chat for quite a while. There is a lot to to discuss. The Tigers system is going to fall off hard when Riley Greene, our number one for the Tigers, and Spencer Torkelson reach the major leagues. However, there are still some talented players with upside, led by 2021 first round pick Jackson Jobe, and then a much better quality of depth pieces than this system has seen in forever. The top shelf prospects may be few and far between if the Tigers can’t draft well outside the top ten, but there remains a pretty good supporting cast if the upgrades to the player development leadership and coaches goes as hoped.

We spent the first 40 minutes talking about the league and then the Tigers improved circumstances, overhauled player development system, and recent draft history. Then we get into the Tigers farm system specifically, starting with Riley Greene and Spencer Torkelson, at the 50:00 mark. Our individual profiles of Tigers prospects will continue until mid-February, when, with luck and a new CBA, we’ll still get a semi-normal spring training.

Intro: “Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House” - Yo La Tengo