Rey Rey Going Boom Boom

I've posted a kind of corny forecast that predicts that Victor Reyes will have a break-out season for the Tigers in 2022. Who really knows whether he will or won't? I can't really predict the future, but there are indications that he is primed to improve as a player. His final three months of the season in 2021 really seemed to set the stage - increasing his monthly BAs from .286 in July to .327 in August and to 341 in September.

There's more evidence that he is improving this winter too. Take a look at this snippet from today's Detroit Free Press:

Perhaps what I'm most happy about is simply the progress that Reyes has shown this season by more than doubling his prior output in Venezuela. I think it clearly marks that he has much more power and consistency from what he had produced in 2018:

PEB translates to on base percentage which is near .400 and his slugging percentage is .659. 29 total bases in half the games he played in 2018 also is a great indicator of progress.

You make not feel overwhelmed by these stats but coupled with the playoff results he is peaking when his team needs him most. I tend to think that when he reaches the Tigers in the spring he'll be ready to show not only more power but this same consistent approach carried over from the end of last season.

Is he a full time player? Perhaps or perhaps not, but a consistent performer that can play all three outfield positions might be a the perfect compliment to having Grossman, Hill, and Baddoo as the regulars allowing Reyes to still get into 100 games or more. Of course, Riley Greene may also play a role. The question is does Greene take over a full-time spot early on, or do the Tigers want him to remain in AAA a bit longer?

The Tigers definitely have a lot of competition to play and I think and hope that this proves to be a strength. With Eric Haase they have at least 6 competitors arriving at spring training with other youngsters trying their best to climb the ladder.

I'm still hoping that Rey Rey goes Boom Boom in 2022!

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