Finally time to start evaluating player development and drafts

The final pieces of the restructuring of the Tigers scouting, front office and player development are in place. AA deserves the credit for achieving this. When he took over the team we had a one person analytics dept. None of our minor league facilities had the necessary equipment to even attempt using analytics. Starting from scratch, we now have a mid level analytics dept. and a revamped player development system, 5 years later. We are one of the few teams that hired more scouts. Many teams are cutting them. I approve of using both together, scouting and analytics.. More expensive which is why many teams have cut scouting. Tends to go against the narrative of Chris Illitch being cheap.

Now that this is done, it is now fair to measure the success of the drafts. We have close to the same kind of information the top teams have in terms of staff and equipment. It now comes down to execution of the plan.

Good news,, since it comes at the same time that our draft position will be much lower going forward.

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