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Social Media Monday: Postseason/End of season edition

What the Tigers shared on their socials this past week.

MLB: SEP 29 Royals at Tigers Photo by Scott W. Grau/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Welcome to the deep, dark offseason friends. For the Tigers, until Winter Meetings roll around, it’s likely to be fairly quiet on the news front, but that doesn’t mean the players are doing nothing. So throughout the offseason we’ll be putting together a rundown of some of the best content we’ve seen on the Tigers’ social pages.

With last week being the final week of the regular season, and the Tigers wrapping things up a good long way from the Wild Card race, we’ve got a lot of “thanks for the season” content as one might expect, and a few other hidden gems in the mix, including a delightful TikTok video featuring Andrew Chafin.

This also marks the final installment of the season-long YouTube series the Tigers have been doing, something I hope they consider continuing next year. It’s been a great way to spotlight the fresh new talent on the team and help fans feel connected.

And this one is a bit older than a week but I frankly hadn’t been keeping up with the Tigers on TikTok and this is just tremendous content.


Andrew Chafin mic’d up is GOLD.

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