Baltimore Orioles

Baltimore started their tanking shortly after the Tigers did... they are looking pretty good for 2023.

C Rutschmann S .800 OPS 5 WAR

1B Mountcastle R

2B Terrin Vavra L

SS Gunnar Henderson L Rookie #2 prospect overall

3B Jordan Westburg R Rookie #76 prospect overall

LF Austin Hayes R

CF Cedric Mullins L 34 steals

RF Colton Cowser L Rookie #40 prospect overall

DH Santander S 33 homers

SS Mateo (34 steals) and Stowers ad some bench depth.

They have a stacked lineup. They will score some runs. They have a nice blend of power and speed and on base guys. They have a solid bullpen already. They just need to choose a couple solid starters from the free agency ranks. They have Dean Kremer who they got from the Dodgers in the Machado deal. Dl Hall is ready to contribute now. Grayson Rodriguez is probably going to be in the rotation. They probably won't get Means back until late next year, so they really need a couple starters. If they want to challenge the Jays, Rays and Yankees, they will need a couple big names at the top of the rotation.

They are going to be a fun team to watch. I'm curious if they let Brandon Hyde manage. He has been the manager through most of the tanking and now that they have some really good talent, they might replace him with someone they feel is more of a winning manager. I think Hyde has done a great job through the tanking and this year. He deserves a chance to manage a team that might have a chance. He was first base coach for the Cubs when they won it all, so he's been around decent teams.

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