2023 Tigers Position Players

Catcher - I would like to see Barnhart brought back as backup catcher. He is a solid defender and seems to work well with the young pitchers. That means quite a bit and it shouldn't be very expensive. Remember when they tried to go offense at catcher with Ramos? Haase has been great, but I would rather have him as a left fielder. He is quick for a catcher and I'm afraid catching will wear him down too much. He could always catch if needed, but I would like his bat in the lineup more often as a left fielder. Rogers, not sure what to expect from him. He's been out a whole year and I'm not really sure what to expect from him. That's why I'd like Danny Jansen from the Jays. He's stuck behind probably the best young catcher in the AL in Kirk. The Jays also have top prospect Moreno coming up. Jansen is solid defensively and has power (15 homers and .525 slugging this year. 3rd year with double digit homers in a part time role). Splits this year of .265/ .346/ .525. He has more hits than strike outs (54 - 39)... which, the current Tiger team, Reyes, Meadows and Harold are the only players able to boast that. Miggy is close.
Catching has evolved recently into a two man position. Very seldom do you see catchers starting 140 games any more. If you can have 2 solid defensive catchers that would really help the pitching staff. If one of them can also hit, that's an added plus. Also, with Haase in left, if Jansen is DHing and Barnhart gets pulled, you can always throw Haase behind the plate and not lose your DH.

1B - It's Torkelson. Putting all the eggs in one basket and going with him. Harold can always fill in, but I think we have to just let Tork learn in the majors. I think he can do it. He's solid defensively. He just needs to hit.

2B - I think we DFA Schoop or try and trade him. The market is very light for 2B's and Schoop is one of the best defensive 2B's in the league. With the shift going away, someone might want him. The Tigers should consider moving Baez here. He was not what I expected at short. I expected a highlight reel every play, like we saw with the Cubs. It's been more of a blooper reel. Baez did well at 2B for the Mets and his offense could be solid for a 2B.

SS - This is where the Tigers need to get it right. If they go back and try and get Correa, I think he would be a perfect fit as a shortstop for the Tigers. Solid defense and one of the best offensive shortstops in the league. His health issues may be a problem, but you always have Baez to back him up.

3B - I'm leaning toward just keeping Candelario. Sure, he's been terrible this year, but the previous 2 years he was solid. How can he be so bad now. If he continues to stink, they can always go with Kreidler. He has been awesome defensively and maybe he can improve on his hitting. Pacheco and Keith are waiting in the wings. Maybe Workman too.

LF - Haase I think would be great in left. He has really done well hitting this year and maybe with a fulltime role, he can put up some Brandon Inge type numbers. Reyes and Baddoo can always step in at times.

CF - Another addition... try and sign Bellinger. Bellinger is a very good defensive CFer and he has been an MVP hitter in the past. He's only 27, so he's still in his prime. It would probably just be a 1 year deal with incentives.

RF - Greene is a future star in my book. He's had a decent rookie year and hopefully he can avoid the sophomore jinx.

DH - Carpenter has earned a shot at being DH. He had a great year and seemed to make the adjustments when needed.

Bench - Miggy, Harold, Barnhart, Baddo or Reyes

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