My Plan for this Offseason

Now that there is a new regime in town, there are a couple things I would like to see.

1. If I were Harris I would spend more money on player development, amateur scouting, and training staff personal than I would on any free agent signings.

One of the reasons why teams like the Dodgers, Cardinals, Astros, etc, are perennially competing in their respective divisions is because they spend money where it counts. Under Avila, our support staff was not up to date with these current practices. We need more coaches, we need more support staff. This helps us build a culture, this helps us keep players healthy, and this helps us develop our players in a farm system that is clearly lacking. This should be THE top priority this offseason.

2. Don't fall into the Trea Turner, Carlos Correa Trap.

Look, both of these guys are studs. However, do I think it is a great idea to spend the entirety of our offseason budget on a shortstop that is either close to 30 or is over 30. First, Turner is a essentially signing Javy Baez with better speed. His whiff rate is horrendous, he doesn't walk, and chases a lot of pitches. I do not think this sounds like a Scott Harris guy. Especially given the fact that his calling card is speed, and he is an aging player. Trea Turner will not hold value in a 3-5 year contract, let alone the 7-8 he is looking for. Then there is Correa. Correa opted out of the remainder of his 3/105.3 with the Twins. That means that Correa thinks that he is either worth more than roughly $35.1 Million a year, he is looking to sign a longer term deal, or both. Either way, I don't think it is a great idea to sign what MLBTR predicts to be a 9/$288 million deal that they predict he'll sign. With as many holes as we have on our team, it is ridiculous to sign a contract with an AAV of $32 million + through the players age 36 season. This money could be better spent elsewhere. The moral of the story is not to pay top dollar to aging, high priority, free agents.

3. Look into the Second Tier of Free Agents and Sign One to a Deal between 3-4 years.

This is where you look at guys like Willson Contreras and Brandon Nimmo. If you can get these guys for around $20 million a year or less, this would be a phenomenal building block to add. Nimmo doesn't strikeout a lot, and walks a ton. As well as provides great defense. Sure, he is another lefty bat in the outfield, but not statistics show he is going to slow down. Even if he does, $20 million is much more palatable through an age 34 season than $30 million +. Contreras would also be a good get given the problems we have had at catcher. Contreras would be a good get, he walks a lot, and doesn't strike out a ton. He would be a good get under $20 million.

4. Look into Middle Tier 3rd Base, Outfield bat if you don't get Nimmo.

This is where I would advocate for taking a flyer on Mitch Haniger in the outfield. He's 31, coming off of a down season and could be a bargain. His advanced stats show he still walks a bit, might be worth looking at him if the price is cheap. Third base opens up a good discussion. My preferred candidate is Brandon Drury. Drury can hit for power, which we sorely lack, and has versatility at multiple infield positions. He screams Detroit Tiger and at the MLBTR prediction of 2/$18 he needs to be the stop gap at third base till we find a long term option. I also think signing Drury makes sense because he has the ability to play 2b if Schoop is awful again this season.

5. Sign a Middle Rotation Starter.

I am not high on Quintana, but one of Eflin, Manaea, Heaney, or Eovaldi could be a good pick up for this team. I think we need another arm, and one of these guys would be a good get.


I would invest in Player development, scouting and training staff to better support our players off the field, I would stay away from huge names, and rather sign more players to fill more holes that our awful team has. Try to get versatility and add a starter. I would also keep my mind open to trading a reliever on a one year deal, but I wouldn't push the deal to happen.

This is a FanPost and does not necessarily reflect the views of the <em>Bless You Boys</em> writing staff.