Some Rule 5 Options:

RSP Jayden Murray Hou - Astros are a pitching development factory. They keep churning out great pitchers every year. They picked up Murray from the Rays (Another good pitching factory) in the Suri trade and left him unprotected. He is ranked 12th on the Astro prospect list. Good control 2.2 BB/9... decent k/9 8.9/9 2.80 era. He's 25 years old and spent part of last season at AAA.

LHRP Erik Miller Phi - Miller was a starter that was converted to relief. He has huge K/9 12.1 k/9 but also a big walk rate at 5 per 9. His era is a decent 3.06. He's 24 and spent part of last year at AAA. Lefty relievers are usually picked up pretty regularly in rule 5 drafts. He is 7th on their prospect list.

1B/3B Malcolm Nunez Pit - Nunez was with the Cardinals for a long time and was traded this season to the Pirates. He's a right handed hitter with some power (23 HR) and he has a really decent slash .280/ .368/ .466. He was moved to 1B mainly because he lacks range at 3B. He's only 21 and only played 5 games at AAA. But that's really good for a 21 year old. Pirates 12th ranked prospect

LHSP Antoine Kelly Tex - Kelly is a typical high strike out high walk low hit lefty 12 k/9 5.5 BB/9 6.4 H/9. He will be 23 in a couple days. He pitched 7 games at AA last year and had 7.73 era. Only because he's a lefty could he ne taken in the rule 5. Rangers 13th top prospect

RHRP Adrian Hernandez Tor - Hernandez is a solid righty arm from the pen. High K rates 12.2 k/9. Decent walk rates 3.9/9. A decent ERA of 3.69. It has lowered the past couple seasons. He's 22 years old and pitched in 31 games at AAA last year. 4.96 era, but still averaged 12 k's per 9. Toronto's 24th top prospect

SCF Jake Mangum NYM - Switch hitting CF from the Mets. He has decent speed and doubles power. More of an on base speed type CF. Slash .284/ .346/ .414. Not on the Mets top 30... He's 26 years old and played 33 games at AAA last year. Reminds me of Reyes...

LH1B/LF Ryan Noda LAD - Lefty hitting 1B with power and OBP. Lost in the shuffle of the Dodgers. 26 years old, played all last year at AAA. Lifetime slash of .264/ .407/ .486. Hit over 20 homers 3 of the last 4 years. He had 20 steals last year. He was in the trade with Toronto for Ross Stripling. Noda isn't on the Dodger's top 30... he's just a big left handed hitting 1B with some power and speed and great OBP. He strikes out quite a bit... 162 times last year... but walks a lot too 92 times last year. 1 year he had over 100 walks. He was a top 30 prospect for the Jays back in 2019 (26).

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