Speaking of Catchers; Do Tigers Get Lower Prospect Rankings than Other MLB Teams?

I think the Tigers really need to address the primary importance positions to see improvement. It's been quite a long time since they've been competitive, so I'm getting impatient to see results. That makes me take a deeper dive into what's cooking down on the farm.

Our young catching prospects seem pretty good, or at least I think so based on offensive stats. However, prospect ratings don't seem to agree. I'd like to take a bit deeper dive into this.

Our top catching prospects are:

Dillon Dingler, 23, played at Erie AA BA .239 .333 OBP 14 HR 58 RBI 2 SB

Josh Crouch, 23, played mostly at Western Michigan A+ BA .290 .366 OBP 10 HR 61 RBI 1 SB

Eliezer Alonzo, 23, played mostly at Western Michigan A+ BA .354 .421 OBP 2 HR 10 RBI 0 SB cites these players as the best catchers:

Francisco Alvarez, 21, split season between AA and AAA combined BA .260 BA .374 OBP 27 HR 78 RBI 0 SB

Diego Cartyana, 21, split season between A and A+ combined BA .254 .389 OBP 22 HR 72 RBI 1 SB

Harry Davis, 23, progressed from R to AA combined BA .264 .380 OBP 10 HR 42 RBI 9 SB

There are 7 other prospects listed for the position without mention of the Tigers' leading catching prospects. Although I can see some advantages in each MLB prospect's statistics, they are not exceptionally different.

This makes me feel that the prospects in the Tigers' pipeline isn't far off, if even behind in any way. Ultimately, the heart and soul of each prospect is yet to be revealed in the big show. I hope that the front office will acknowledge these players as having good potential and do their best to bring them along.

I would also like the front office to consider how to better promote their talent in the minors. Obviously the big league team isn't making headlines. I wonder if that distorts what is down on the farm.

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