The Psychology of Sending Tork to AAA

I've made several mentions about hoping the Tigers may consider signing free agent Jose Abreau to play first base, and of course many give me push back that the position belongs to Spencer Torkelson this season. I wanted to delve a bit deeper into just why I think Torkelson should be sent to AAA no matter what he does this spring.

First, remove all the pressure from him this spring. Tell him we want him to be part of the spring games with the Tigers but no matter how great he does he's going to go to AAA to start the year. Let him know the team still thinks very highly of him and let him play in nearly all of the spring games, as long as he does well, but play him at several different positions: 1B, 3B, and DH. Use the spring to experiment a bit with his adaptability and try to let him hit without feeling pressure.

Second, set up Toledo with a good ball club surrounding Torkelson. I want him to feel he's going down there and expected to lead a winning team. I want him to learn about setting an example and understanding how many good prospects surround him in this organization. Ideally they learn to work together, respect each other more, and learn to win. The team might look like this:

C Dillon Dingler

1B Spencer Torkelson

2B Wenceel Perez

3B Andre Lipcius

SS Zac Short

LF Bryant Packard

CF Parker Meadows

RF Daniel Cabrera

SP Reese Olson

Dylan Smith

Ty Madden

Joey Wentz

Wilmer Flores

Third, there's no rush. Ideally, Jose Abreau hammers the ball in Detroit in 2023 so there's no hurry to promote Tork to make him feel like he's got to save the day. There's no ceremonial passing of the first baseman's glove from Cabrera to Torkelson, he simply has to work and earn the promotion.

Fourth, wait until Tork is really earning a promotion. He isn't just playing. He isn't just hitting well. He's really ready to break-out and star. Maybe it doesn't happen in 2023. That's ok. I just want him to really earn it and feel he's ready, or even more than ready. I want him to have the highest level of confidence possible to face the best pitchers in the world.

Fifth, do not promote him alone if it's possible. Maybe wait until Perez is ready too, and perhaps Lipcius as well. Imagine the impact of promoting a whole new infield. They should pull for each other. This isn't the most important point, but I don't want all the attention centered on him. Alleviating pressure and mitigating the attention that is focused on him I think is a good way to handle things.

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