Prognosis for Christian Santana

This is a unique off season with several super star level shortstops available as free agents. Whether the Tigers could draw one of them to consider them is perhaps questionable. Whether the Tigers feel that Javier Baez is owed one more chance to be their shortstop is perhaps another aspect of their thought process as well. I think one other very big consideration is how good they think Christian Santana is going to be and how soon he might be ready to be part of their big league team.

Santana is just entering his age 19 season. He played at the instructional league level as a17 year old, and a full season at Lakeland last year. Although he is 6 feet tall, he weighs a mere 165 lbs, but appears to have a very solid base that generates good power. He hit a total of 10 home runs over 270 at bats last season, preceded by 9 home runs over just 171 at bats the year before. He's also posted double digit stolen bases in both seasons. His batting averages weren't spectacular, but his on-base percentages were quite good: 2021's was .421, and 2022's .384.

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