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Detroit Tigers launch new YouTube series

Now THIS is how we should spotlight players.

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Over the course of the past few seasons, one of the most consistently fun and positive aspects of being a Detroit Tigers fan has been watching the performance put out by their social media team. Even during years with borderline historically bad win percentages, the folks running Tigers social media have managed to be funny, interactive, and always making the best of a bad situation.

Now that the Tigers are trending upwards and look to have a real shot at a great year, the social media crew are still doing a lot of heavy lifting in terms of fan engagement following the lockout, and one of the best and most unique things they’ve done has been crafting a new web series for their YouTube channel called “The Offseason.”

The series focuses on Tigers’ players during the offseason, and the first episode features none other than hot prospect Spencer Torkelson, showing off his digs in Arizona and giving a bit of vlog-style day-in-the-life content.

You can watch the first episode below, with more to come, according to the Tigers’ Twitter feed.

What makes the video stand out is how it lets Torkelson take the whole spotlight. As he shows the crew his “man cave” he excitedly shares the balls that he has gotten “friends” to sign for his collection. Those “friends” are none other than 2021 rookie sensations Akil Baddoo and Eric Haase, who signed for Tork during rehab stints.

He manages to come across as incredibly likable and earnest, whether standing in his near-empty pantry while showing off what snacks he likes or sheepishly pointing out all the Red Bull in his fridge. He’s a young man in his first home, on the cusp of a thrilling career, and the entire video manages to humanize him.

In an industry where we see these young men commoditized and turned into transaction fodder, it’s a rare treat when we see them spotlighted in such a personal way. Other major sports have often far outdone Major League Baseball in that regard. This series is a real treat, and we’re looking forward to seeing which players they feature in the coming episodes.