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Get your Miguel Cabrera “Mr. 3000” T-shirt now!

You knew BreakingT wouldn’t sleep on this one.

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You had to know it was coming. With BreakingT having a finger on the pulse of big sports moments, there was no way they were going to miss out on a 3000 hit shirt, and with Miguel Cabrera making the moment a huge (and emotional) one on Saturday afternoon, the t-shirt company wasted no time releasing their new Mr. 3000 shirt.

Courtesy of BreakingT

Obviously the tee pays homage to the iconic movie cover of the Bernie Mac comedy Mr. 3000, but unlike the movie, Miguel Cabrera won’t have to come out of retirement to make his record hit (and hopefully won’t retire immediately after today’s game to open a mini-mall).

Get your Miguel Cabrera Mr. 3000 T-shirt Now!

And while you’re here you might as well watch the magical moment one more time. I’m sure we’ll all be watching this on repeat for the rest of the weekend.