Is it time to send him to AAA? That was the plan from the beginning. Draft him in the rule V. Let him get some playing time in the majors. Then send him to the minors in year 2 to develop.

He's only 23 years old. Let him play at Toledo in CF. Let him build up confidence and then promote him after the all star break or maybe even next year.

They have Hill for now to play CF. They could call up Cameron if needed. Or Robson... he might not hit, but he can play defense off the bench. Greene will be coming back some time.

Harold Castro is pretty bad defensively on the infield. Maybe he should be a corner outfielder on the bench. Pinch hitter, runner, depth piece emergency infielder?

Grossman in right is doing great.

Meadows in left has been amazing.

The CF spot should be Greenes when he comes back.

That leaves the outfield bench with Reyes (hurt), Hill, Baddoo, Cameron, Castro.

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