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BYB Podcast 108: Talking trades with Brett Rutherford of DRaysBay

The Bless You Boys staff discusses baseball from a Tigers’ perspective.

MLB: Boston Red Sox at Tampa Bay Rays Jonathan Dyer-USA TODAY Sports

We thought it was a good time to enlist Ashley MacLennan’s numerous Tampa Bay Rays contacts for a little discussion about the Austin Meadows for Isaac Paredes deal. Along with Brandon Day, it was a good time to reach out to Rays’ people for a little commentary on Meadows as a player, and their thoughts on the deal overall.

Thanks to Brett Rutherford of DRaysBay, the Tampa Bay Rays SB Nation site, for joining us for a chat about the surprising trade that went down Monday night.

We kept this one incredibly brief by our standards, due to a little technical difficulty. Just under a half hour, but it’s always good to talk to DRaysBay folk. Their team lives on the cutting edge, and they are consistently among the best baseball sites on the internet. So we discussed the trade, the Rays themselves, and their outlook in the tough AL East this season.

Thanks for listening!

Intro: “Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House” - Yo La Tengo