what to do now?

There isn't much we can do. The only option appears to be go with what we have and if things don't improve then look at options.

1) Trade all the position players we can except Torkelson. I suspect we will be left with Baez Torkelson, Barnhart and Miggy. Trade every position player we can for what ever we can get. Call up everyone from Toledo See if we want to keep any of them. Do a reboot with the pitching staff intact.

2) Eat it this year and hope people rebound next year.

3) Trade some of the pitchers for some offense. But this leaves the problem of what to do with the guys we already have. We can always eat some contracts and just release them of include them in the trades.

4) Dump AA Hincn and all the coaches. Someone has to take the blame. We always need to find a scape goat or sacrificial lamb whether it helps or not. Ignore the fact that the Tiger's offseason was generally praised. It makes us feel better.

I guess I favor option 2. But, I don't expect this to be a popular option.

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