The slump

I've said this before but as hopeless as this team looks right now there is a reason for optimism. For one thing, it's still really early in the season and its baseball we're talking about here! One of the biggest issues I've seen mentioned here has been our inability to hit for power. We have the least home runs in baseball for one! There is a fair share of players that have more homers than we do as a team! You can also look at ISO (SLG% - AVG). Currently, our ISO is the lowest in baseball (.090) however, if we use the xBA and xSLG from statcast and use to estimate what our ISO would be on paper: .145. That is pretty middle of the pack ish which is much better than our pathetic ISO right now. We're also somewhat under performing relative to our xWOBA. So by that logic, we're going to start getting more runs on the board soon enough. We've had plenty of games with many hits that didn't convert into runs. If some of those (as they likely will) start turning into XBH we'll start winning more. The pitching and defense can hopefully be chalked up to the shortened spring training. So there's my nerdy explanation for that for those who care I guess.

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