I just don't get it.. Can someone help explain it?

1) Why do we keep pitching on the outside when we have shifts employed? Skubal got burned by that in the first inning of his last start. It has also happened at least 4 more times since I heard Morris complain about it in a broadcast.

2) We had an umpire with a smallest strike zone in baseball, except for expanding it on the outside against right handed hitters. Skubal kept going inside on the righties and getting squeezed by the ump. Went outside against the lefties. Rondon exploited it to the fullest. pounded the outside corner against our righties, the whole time he was in there.

3) Why is Greene batting 4th? To quote Bandon Day in his complaints about Harold Castro. "He has empty stats". One extra base hit and a bunch of singles to left and walks. Shouldn't he be leading off?

4) Why is Torkelson batting so high in the order? He has been 5th or 6th in the order most times this year. (I think) This is a guy hitting 190 with an OPS of 574. Been the rally killer more times than I can count.

I am not usually one to judge the G.M. manager and coaches judgement quickly. They are professionals and I am not. Just a retired guy that passes his time by watching 2 or 3 games most days. Thank God for, Been following the Tigers since 1961 Been going to Spring training since 2004.

But I don't see the sense in all of this. Am I missing something?

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