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Tigers 0, Yankees 13: E-Rod and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Game

This was a stinker.

Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees Photo by Adam Hunger/Getty Images

Perfect games are delightful, until a pitcher is throwing one against your team into the late innings for the second night in a row. Gerrit Cole was absolutely obliterating the Tigers tonight, and to make matters worse, the Yankees offense was working on all cylinders in a nasty blowout.

Thankfully, the perfecto only lasted 6 23 and the Tigers managed a baserunner in Schoop, but that didn’t make it easier to take just how gross this game was for Tigers’ fans. So instead of rehashing the blow-by-blow of each inning, I’m just going to show you the damage. If you didn’t watch this game, I honestly don’t recommend punishing yourself with this recap, because it was a bad game and you’re lucky you missed it.

Anyway, it was bad and the Tigers lost.

Final: Yankees 13, Tigers 0