2023 Offense

The Tigers can be a force next year. If they make a few additions. Imagine where this team would be if they had a couple batters that were hitting.... Candelario... Schoop... Grossman... Barnhart... Tork... I understand guys having slumps... but dang, 5 of your regulars?

OK, 2023

Catcher - I think if they can resign Barnhart and if Rogers comes back, they would make a great combination behind the plate. Solid defense and some offense.

1B - Tork is the guy. Hope he figures it out soon. Tigers could use a power hitter that gets on base.

2B - Tigers need to move on from Schoop. Schoop is very good defensively and has hit in the past, but this year he has been terrible. Let him sit next to Miggy on the bench and maybe start once a week. I would love the Tigers to get Trea Turner, but we all know that won't happen. Why would Turner come to Detroit? They would have to massively over pay to have a chance. A guy the Tigers might want to sign is Max Muncy. He's having a down year, but he has hit over 30 homers a few times. He plays solid defense. Walks alot. He's 32, so he won't break the bank or be signed for more than a couple years. He can also play pretty much anywhere and he's solid defensively everywhere.

SS - Baez is it.... unless.... OK, hear me out... sign Xander Bogaerts and move Baez to 2B. Bogaerts has improved his defense this year and he's one of the best offensive shortstops in the league. If the Tigers offer him short he might be willing to sign. Every other team will be looking at him as a 2B or 3B. Will this upset Baez? Who cares. If Baez wanted to be the guy for short, maybe he should have produced.

3B - Another spot the Tigers need to improve. The Tigers have some interesting options in the minors for 3B. Colt Keith and Gage Workman. I would hate to sign someone for 5 years and block these guys. I would stick with Candelario or Clemens as a 3B until one of the prospects comes up.

LF - Baddoo should be up soon. I also think a guy like Haase could be used in a platoon.

CF - Greene has earned the spot.

RF - I would like to see Meadows here, or Reyes... but I'm not sure they are the answer. If they do well the rest of the season... I would seriously consider them. But if they fade, then the Tigers need some offense here. Judge would be awesome, but that won't happen. Conforto? Huge questions on his health. I would try and sign Nimmo for CF and move Greene to right. Nimmo adds huge OBP and some power.

DH- Miggy is there for his last year. He might get a huge reduction in AB's if anyone can hit better than him.

Let's see what you think... feel free to criticize, I don't mind. This will never happen, so just keep on dreaming.

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