Tiger trade chips must want to stay

Given the performance of Tiger possible trade trips, one might conclude they want to remain with the Tigers for the rest of the year.

Fulmer, Grossman Pineda are the obvious ones. All of them in their recent performances have been, if you are charitable, not very good. Instead of getting hot and increasing their chances of being traded to a contender, all three have regressed or continued their weak performance. Fulmer has decided to be wild recently and choked up a loss. Grossman whose most saleable point was his reliable defense, decided to commit his first error in 800 some innings to cost us a game. Pineda decides to give up a bunch of runs in his last two starts. Soto has continued his let's make everything exciting ways.

If you look at the other possibilities, Only Chafin and Reyes have been steady. Barnhart continues to under perform offensively. Soto has continued, his let's make everything exciting ways. Wily Peralta has been so-so in his return from injury. Even our minor leaguers have decided they like where they are. Hill and Cameron have not done anything to light up AAA.

I suppose it is nice that they like playing for us.

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