Do we get desperate at the Deadline?

Heading into the All-Star break it goes without saying that the 2022 season so far has been nothing more than a disappointment. Injuries, under performing players, call-ups of players who were not ready, and whatever is wrong with EROD, have caused this team to spiral so far down that it is shocking they even sit at a 37-55 record. I would say that going into this season, if you told many of us that our top bWAR hitter would be our back up catcher, I think many here would have been shocked.

Because of this many have called for Al Avila to be fired, and rightfully so. Avila has yet to make a postseason as the Tigers General Manager and his trades and signings have been underwhelming at best, and down rights terrible at their worst. Even though Chris Illich has stated that he is satisfied with Avila's performance, one must believe that he is still on a short leash. That being said, this makes me wonder what reaction this gets out of Avila.

Do you think that because of the performance of this team sells the farm and guys like Tork to make a crazy trade for Soto?

Would Avila consider trading a Skubal or a Manning or Mize to get more farm talent?

Does he hold the course and doesn't panic?

Does he make it till the end of the season and sign a veteran player to an astronomically overpaid contract?

I worry because at this point Avila has nothing left to lose. It could get ugly.

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