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Detroit Tigers 2022 MLB Draft day three pick tracker

We’re keeping track of all the Tigers’ draft picks for you, condensed into a single article, and updated as they come in.

COLLEGE BASEBALLL: APR 05 Texas Tech at Grand Canyon Photo by Zac BonDurant/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

As the MLB draft enters Day 3, it can be a bit of a chore to keep track of all the new prospects the Tigers are bringing on board. Fear not, though, we’ve got you covered! As the final batch of picks comes rolling in, we’ll keep you posted with the latest news. Keep in mind, if the Tigers are going to make any splashy moves during today’s action, it’s likely to be right away. Talented players who slide outside of the top 10 rounds due to monetary concerns are often snapped up in the 11th round. Players taken today will be eligible to sign for up to $125,000 without counting against the team’s bonus pool.

Before the event begins at 2:00 p.m. EDT, here’s a refresher on who the team has picked up in the first ten rounds of the draft.

First Round: 2B Jace Jung, Texas Tech

Jung is a high-floor hitting machine whose track record at Texas Tech earned him a place in the top half of the first round. He was expected to be drafted before the Tigers were on the clock for much of the draft cycle, but a late push by other similarly ranked prospects left him available to Detroit. The question is where he’ll play — he’s likely to start his pro career splitting time between second and third base, but there’s a chance he’s forced to first base.

Read our full coverage on him here and here.

Second Round: SS Peyton Graham, Oklahoma

Though some came out of the first few rounds feeling a bit disappointed in who the Tigers selected, Graham is a downright coup at 51st overall. He was ranked as a first-round prospect by MLB Pipeline, Prospects Live, and FanGraphs, the latter placing him as a top-ten player. He’s an athletic fielder with a power-over-hit offensive profile. He has speed in a straight line, but there are concerns over whether his functional athleticism might push him to third base.

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Comp Balance B Round: Traded to Tampa Bay for Austin Meadows

Third Round: Forfeited due to Eduardo Rodriguez signing.

Fourth Round: RHP Troy Melton, San Diego State

Melton is a fastball-centric pitcher whose three offspeed pitches are fine, but none of them jump off the screen as a killer strikeout weapon. The Tigers will develop him as a starter to begin with; that’s the role he played with the Aztecs and he has the frame to support a full innings workload.

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Fifth Round: INF Luke Gold, Boston College

Gold is a similar player to Jung in that he crushes the baseball, but there’s no certainty about where he’s going to play the field in pro ball. He’s played first, second, and third base and he might be able to float a left field profile if pressed into service. His power is real, and he was generally considered a third-round prospect. He’s a value in that sense, but there’s a real logjam developing in the Tigers’ system at the positions he can play. The A-ball levels are going to be crowded.

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Sixth Round: SS Danny Serretti, UNC

Serretti was an utter terror during his senior season with the Tar Heels, but his nondescript tools fit the profile you’d expect of someone who plays at ultra-high effort, as he does. The Tigers must believe in his long-term ability to play shortstop, otherwise, he wouldn’t have fit here based on his line drive swing. He’s likely to be a fan favorite at West Michigan, but his chances at the majors are doubtful unless something new clicks.

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Seventh Round: OF Seth Stephenson, Tennessee

Eighth Round: LHP Jake Miller, Valparaiso

Ninth Round: 1B/C Andrew Jenkins, Georgia Tech

Tenth Round: RHP Michael Trevino, Oklahoma

Day Three selections

11th Round - LHP Joe Miller, Pennsylvania

12th Round - RHP Cole Stupp, Kentucky

13th round - OF Dom Johnson, Kansas State

14th round - LHP Joe Adametz, Liberty University

15th round - RHP Patrick Pridgeon, Florida International

16th round - RHP Quinn Gudaitis, Illinois

17th round - LHP Cole Patten, Villanova

18th round - OF Chris Williams Jr., William Carey University

19th round - RHP Albert Oliva-Velez, New Mexico Military Institute

20th round - RHP Drew Conover, Rutgers