Juan Soto

OK, it was many a year ago when the Tigers pulled off the unbelievable trade for the best young hitter in the game... that would be 24 year old Miguel Cabrera. It cost them their best prospects at the time. Some felt they paid too much, but in hindsight, the Tigers got the better of that deal. The Marlins were gutting their team and wanted to get payroll down as much as possible after winning the World Series in 2003. This meant getting rid of Dontrell Willis and Miggy. Miggy had 2 years left before being a free agent. With the Marlins, Miggy was a .300 hitter who was hitting 30 homers a year. Defensively, he was bouncing between 3rd, left and right and he wasn't very good anywhere.

15 years later... ask yourself, would you trade for Juan Soto? Like Cabrera, he may not be the best player at the time (Pujols was better than Cabrera... Trout is better than Soto), but Soto is the best young player today. Of course, everyone would want Soto... but how much are you willing to pay?

Torkelson? Mize? Faedo? Brieske? Baddoo? PTBNL Jace Jung?

Would that be enough to bring in Soto? Are you willing to pay that steep price?

I would do it in a heartbeat.

Imagine, Soto in RF, Greene in center... Greene batting leadoff, Soto batting 3rd... for years! I'm saying that because, just like they did with Miggy, they would have to pay Soto to keep him. That might mean $45 mil a year for 10 years. I'd do it. The guy is 23 years old... 23! 2 years older than Greene. At 21 Soto had 60 career homers and a batting title on his resume. A 30 homer season with 100 rbi. Oh, and a World Series ring. The guy is a fantastic player and would be the next Miggy.

Would The Nationals do it? I think they would because they are looking to sell the team and when someone sells a team, they want payroll to be at it's least. That might mean taking on Patrick Corbin's bad contract. Corbin is owed $24 mil next year and $35 mil in 2024. That is some huge payroll to take on for a guy doing his best Dontrell Willis imitation. But Soto would be worth it.

There would still be players in the system to promote... Mize, Tork and Jung would hurt for a little bit... but those positions are easy to fill. 1B? Sign Josh Bell... 2B? Clemens? a Castro? Kriedler? Mize? Sign JV.

It's doable... so do it.

I'm afraid to add Greene to this list, because I think Greene is untradeable but is he really? If it's for Soto... man, I would have to think about that for a second.

CF Greene

LF Reyes or Meadows

RF Soto

1B Bell

SS Baez Workman or Graham down the road

DH Miggy

3B Candelario later Keith

2B Clemens or Kriedler or Graham

C Rogers Dingler

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