Rafael Devers

The Red Sox are stumbling and could be in a slight rebuild. They will almost definitely trade Bogaerts and maybe JD... but Devers has another year of control and they might get a better package this year if they try and trade him. Devers turned down an extension offer this spring... it was pretty light. 8 yrs $168 mil.

His defense is a concern. But, his offense is top notch. He has hit .300 a couple times. Over 30 homers and 100 RBI a couple times. He hits doubles. The guy can hit. A guy like that can bring in some solid prospects.... The Red Sox need pitching. I wonder if a combo of Wentz and Jobe... maybe another player... could get the Red Sox to deal him?

An extension would be around 8 years $250 mil. He's only 25 now... that would be through his age 33 which he should still be a solid player.

It's worth thinking about.

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