5 reasons Al Avila returns as GM in '23

1. He'll get a mulligan from ownership on team underperformance in '22. The training room has been like a M*A*S*H unit this season with various and sundry injuries on what seems like a daily basis. In addition, what they've experienced with a high profile player going MIA in the middle of the season is almost unprecedented.

2. During his tenure, he has overhauled the infrastructure of the organization. Upgrading facilities, building the big data analysis department, restructuring the player development leadership. All improvements that were widely deemed on this fansite as overdue.

3. He has had intermittent success in the draft. Most notably Greene and Skubal.

4. He was aggressive in pursuing a World Series-winning manager to replace Gardenhire. Consensus (as far as I could tell at the time) was that this was a great move. I don't believe sentiment has changed much regarding this decision on this fansite, despite the continued losing.

5. He has made some winning moves in player acquisition. Dumped Upton's contract before his performance fell off a cliff. Got Lange for a player headed out the door. Paid next to nothing to acquire Baddoo. Even traded his son to acquire a couple of future major leaguers.

I realize a similar list could be made of reasons to show Avila the door. This is by no means an endorsement of his continuation in the position. Merely, a recounting of some positives that could give him at least one more year at the helm.

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