What major roster move could make the Tigers a better team for 2023 and beyond?

So there might be a ton of moves which could possibly make the Tigers a better team including signing free agents, trades and promotions of talent. It would seem that maybe any move could make the team better from where they are at currently in the standings, but lets discuss a major move that might shake up the team and bring a new vibe to the Tigers.

Here is just one of my thoughts. I absolutely love Tarek Skubal, but if I could find the right trade partner, I might be willing to let him go to try to make the team more complete and balanced. This team I think, might just be the New York Mets this off season. They have both Walker and Bassit entering free agency from an all right handed rotation. How would De Grom assuming they resign him, Scherzer, Carasco, and Skubal sound for the top 4 in their rotation. Skubal is cost effective and controllable for another 4 years. They probably would sign another veteran pitcher or resign either Bassit or Walker. The Mets also need LH relief help and Diaz, their closer is going to be a free agent as well. Even if they signed Diaz to an extension, they still do not have any LH relief pitching in their bullpen. So Gregory Soto would fill an important role for them as well. And now comes the position of 3rd base. They have a great prospect in Bret Baty that should be ready for his MLB debut either late this year or to break camp next spring, so I would offer them Skubal, Soto, and Candelario for #2 Bret Baty, #4 RH hitting OF Alex Ramirez, and David Peterson LH SP that is a year older than Skubal, but has pretty good numbers as far as SO and WHIP.

I don't think that the Mets would give up Baty unless Skubal was the option coming back. And I don't think that the Tigers get an immediate impact player without giving up Skubal to any team that might have an MLB ready position player that could provide immediate depth to the Tigers starting lineup. I wonder if preliminary discussions are taking place between GMs right now on what off season holes that they are looking to fill through trades. What is your major move to make the Tigers better this off season?

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