Fangraphs and ESPN Rank Tigers as 24th Best Farm System in MLB

Here is the Fangraphs link:,1&type=100&filter=&pos=&team=

Here is ESPN (paywall):

Every single team behind the Tigers on the FG is a contender who has traded multiple prospects the past few years (ESPN has the Angels behind the Tigers). For reference, the Tigers haven't traded a single significant prospect since the 2014 trade deadline over EIGHT years ago.

This is fascinating because I hear all the time that Avila's biggest accomplishment was "revamping the farm system" but these lists show that that is obviously not true at all. The farm system ranking improved because they got top-5 picks every year.

Once those guys made MLB the Tigers immediately plummeted again because the front office never actually improved at scouting and development. It sure seems like simply hiring some analytics staff (something that literally EVERY GM in MLB has done) isn't actually a significant accomplishment. Food for thought!

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