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The Week that Was: Revisiting a busy week in Tigertown

Let’s review the week of Aug 7-13

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

After a deeply quiet trade deadline, the writing seemed to be on the wall, and it didn’t take long after that for the moment many have been waiting several seasons for: the ousting of Al Avila. While Al is, by all accounts, a wonderful guy and it’s hard to celebrate anyone getting axed, the simple truth is: even nice people can be very bad at their jobs. It was clearly time for Al to go, and as you’ll see below, his exit really drove most of our work this week.

Top BYB Stories

The Recaps

The Plays of the Week

  • This section is basically just “What did Riley Greene do this week?”
  • Not a standard play, but enjoy this textbook example of throwing someone under the bus.
  • Remember how Austin Meadows likes to hit home runs? Can he do that in Detroit, please?
  • Here’s another walk-off. At least baseball is still fun in the minors.
  • The Tigers still lost this game.

News Round-up

  • Season looks to be officially over for Skubal.