Hate to see the trades, but suppose the time line is pushed back

Michael Fulmer was a pro and he was a good one too. Robbie Grossman starred for us last year; 20 x 20 seasons don't come around very often. Both were older and soon-to-be free agents, so it's not surprising that the team fielded offers for them. I hope the prospects that they received pan out to be good, but that's always a gamble. Still getting something for an expiring contract is better than nothing.

Fulmer might have stuck with it as a Tiger, and been helpful in the bullpen. Unfortunately, he is likely replaceable with younger lower cost talent that's on board.

Grossman's trade opens up a spot for Kerry Carpenter, plus gives the Tigers an opportunity to give Akili Baddoo and Austin Meadows an opportunity to play as well.

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