Washington Nationals

For what it's worth... I was looking at their roster after the Soto trade... they have 7 players that were first round picks that are on the disabled list. That is huge.

When they get these players back, they will improve considerably. Kieboom, Strasburg, Fedde, Gore, Romero, Ross, and Doolittle are all injured.

They also have CJ Abrams and Cavali, a top catcher ready to be brought up.

They have 3 solid young players on the team right now, catcher Ruiz, SS Garcia and CF Thomas are all going to be good for Washington.

They will most likely end up with the first pick in the draft. But, they might make a huge improvement next year if they invest well and get their players healthy. I know its a huge "if", but I don't have the same optimism in year 6 of a rebuild.

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