The four things I would do as GM on August 3rd, 2022

The trade deadline has now passed and the Tigers are current 42-63. These are the following things that I would do if I was GM of the Tigers today:

1. Start thinking about decisions regarding Daz Cameron and Kody Clemons

These next couple weeks I think should be crucial to the future of these players in the organization. At 25 and 26 respectively, they are no longer prospects. If they show signs throughout the month of August that they can be on a winning team in the next couple years, keep them. If not they are prime DFA candidates.

2. Waive or DFA Jonathan Schoop

Before I get hate for this one and people praising his defensive showing this year, lets be realistic. Schoop is 30 almost 31, and is putting up a 60 OPS+ season. His OPS is .560. He is less than a replacement level player. He is not an asset to this team this year and would not be next year. The Tigers are wasting time here when they would be better off looking at talent in their farm system. Whether Kriedler or Short is the replacement, it is almost certainly more worth your time to see what they can do.

3. Figure out what the the outlook is for Javy Baez

Is Javy Baez the shortstop of the future for the Tigers or do we need to move him off short to second or third base? I think this question has a lot to do with what the plan is in the offseason. Do you non-tender Candalario in the offseason? I would think about it depending on the performance of Kriedler or whomever else I call up to play after Schoop. Do you pursue either Boegarts or Correa after he opts out of his deal with the Twins? Its a possibility. I think these factors need to be in mind, and I think that I would ask Hinch to start moving Javy around the diamond to see what we have.

4. Sign or claim any and all starting pitching

Picking up any and all innings eaters at this point is a must. We need guys to give us innings so our bullpen doesn't implode, because lets face it, the bullpen has been taxed.

I believe if we do these four things we can set ourselves up nicely to pick up pieces in the offseason and have a successful (maybe not in the win category) season in 2023,

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