What I'd do as GM / Mgr as of August 4th

I liked the article about what someone else would do as GM and wanted to make my own suggestions, and ask others to consider if they like or don't like my ideas. I guess I'm hoping that this approach isn't redundant to someone else, but a little more interactive for me.

My ideas:

1. Miguel Cabrera is injured. I'd determine if an insurance settlement can be arranged to allow him to retire this year? I am assuming that this is mutually agreed upon with Miguel.

2. Jon Schoop shouldn't be the starting 2nd baseman. Although he does have another year on his contract, his performance doesn't warrant letting him play over a younger player getting more of a chance to develop. Harold Castro, Willi Castro, and Kody Clemens should be given a chance here to play.

3. Javier Baez collapsed in my opinion and I wouldn't play him over Ryan Kriedler for the rest of the season.

4. Jeimer Candelario hasn't gained my vote of confidence, and I just don't see it ever being so. I'd rotate Baez and Candelario at third for the balance of the season. I'm hoping that the position will be filled soon by Keith or Workman.

4. Daz Cameron and Akili Baddoo would platoon at LF.

5. Kerry Carpenter and Victor Reyes in RF.

6. DH would be Austin Meadows.

7. Go to a starting trio orientation for the rest of the year. Alexander-Manning-B Garcia; Peralta-Pineda-R Garcia; Brieske-Norris-Ed Rodriguez; El Rodriguez-Hutchinson-Jimenez.

8. Move Greene from the top of the lineup to the 3 hole. Let him have a chance to drive in some runs.

9. Try Haase out as a first baseman.

10. Move Harold Castro to the top of the lineup as a table setter.

11. Engineer the COPA fences to be 10-20' shorter from home plate around the entire perimeter.

12. Meet with the hitting coach and make sure he knows what he is doing.

13. Contact a motivator and, or hypnotist to meet regularly with all of our younger players.

14. Examine the free agent market for this winter and develop a strategy to improve the offense.

15. Determine how the International signings can pay off better in the future.

16. Determine how the young pitching talent can be protected and developed to be their best in the near future. Why can Tampa deliver so much to the majors so fast?

17. Promote Dillon Dingler in September to expose him to ML pitching.

Here's is one of my line-up cards:

1B H Castro

SS Kriedler

CF Greene

DH Meadows

RF Carpenter

LF Cameron

3B Baez

2B Clemons

C Dingler

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