Where does the roster stand right now?

On a rainy Sunday morning after 2 nice wins over the hated Royals, I decided to think about where the roster stands and what needs I see. I am only including players that we have under contract.


C- Hasse (RH),1B-Tork (RH), 2B-Schoop (RH), Utility- H. Castro (LH), Utility- Kreidler (RH), SS-Baez (RH), 3B- Candelario (SH) (DFA Candidate), DH- Miggy (RH) (Buyout Candidate), Utility- Clemens (LH) (He will have a nice career in Asia).


CF- Greene (LH), LF/DH-Meadows (LH), LF/DH- Carpenter (LH), LF- Baddoo (LH), LF- Reyes (SH), OF- W. Castro (SH)


E-Rod, Manning, Wentz, Hill, Brieske, Turnbull, Faedo


Soto, Chafin (Maybe), Jimenez, Lange, Foley, Vest, Cisnero, Alexander, Funkhouser (???)

I have few observations looking at this;

1. Chafin sounded like he will opt into next year in an interview I seen.

2. The Tigers used 16 different starting pitchers this year. Only 1 has broke 100 innings (Skubal-117.2).

3. That's a lot of LH OFers.

4. I am torn on a Candy DFA. There is nothing in the way of 3B out there, and Kreidler should not be counted on as a starter (yet), but neither can Candy the way he is playing.

5. I am loving Carpenter, but I also loved Baddoo last year. Do we count on him?

6. I feel its time to move on from Willie, I am ok with Reyes as the 4th OF.

7. The Miggy situation needs to be figured out. Buy him out, explain he is short side of a platoon and batting 8th, something.

8. Until this team takes the next step, I am not as concerned about a lights out closer.

So the team needs as I see it are, RH-OF, IF-Starter, and Innings/Ace.

OF- Mancini/Haniger- RF is where we need help, but all that's really out there is Judge. I keep seeing 2-3/20-30 for these 2. Neither are all-stars, but reported great clubhouse guys and can hit ok. Not happy with the RH choices unless one of the older guys like Brantley or Peralta would take a 1 year deal to come here.

IF- How about Wilmer Flores the older? Plays 3B, 2B, and 1B, can run into one, doesn't do anything well, but does it all decent. Maybe a 3/30ish contract. Has never made more than 3.5 Million in a season.

Innings- This could sort itself out with better health. This would be where we could sit and sign no one. That said, if a trade happens this could be where we trade from depth. The list of SP that are FA is very long this year. I would sit the market and see who is left behind honestly.

Ace- There are a few, deGrom, Verlander, Rodon, but I think we are a year to early for truly needing an Ace for the playoffs.

26 man roster;










Bench-Reyes, H.Castro, Keidler, Miggy








Soto, Chafin, Vest, Lange, Jimenez, Cisnero, Alexander, W. Flores (Get the brother together!!!)

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